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Below is a list of the IBCLCs in your province who have a specialized interest in oral function and tongue-tie and have completed the Master Class. Please be sure to fully inquire as to the experience and qualifications of any practitioner, including IBCLC, manual therapist/bodyworker or physician/dentist before choosing your care providers. 


Samantha Armbruster RPN, IBCLC

Stratford, Ontario, Canada.


I offer in home and virtual lactation support, from pregnancy to weaning.

Nancy Elaine Gale IBCLC, RPN

York Region


Client centred, In home consults by experienced Consultant.

Giselle Johnston, Full Spectrum Doula & Lactation

Toronto, Canada & Greater Toronto Area


Offering Pre-and- post natal lactation and Infant Feeding guidance in person and online. Specializing in optimizing oral function.

Consults offered in English, Français

Tristan Kiraly

Newmarket, York Region and surrounding areas


Infant feeding support and oral habilitation for lactation, breastfeeding and chestfeeding families. Gentle and informative care to help you get to the root cause of your feeding challenges. Through collaboration and evidence-based practice, Tristan empowers families through their feeding journey.

Rose Le Blanc, IBCLC

Toronto, ON

(416) 454-5307


Rose Le Blanc offers home and hospital visits to families in Toronto. She also works at Kidcrew, a pediatric clinic in Toronto, where she assists with tongue tie releases. Her approach is gentle yet clear evidence-based guidance with a strong focus on the family's individual breastfeeding goals.

Britt Pegan, IBCLC

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


We're an appointment based lactation service committed to understanding your goals and providing thoughtful evidence based advice, info and products to meet them.

Colleen Snyder RN, IBCLC

Northwestern Ontario

807 468 -6321

Located at the Sunset Country Family Health Team.

Sunset Country FHT

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