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Below is a list of the IBCLCs in your state who have a specialized interest in oral function and tongue-tie and have completed the Master Class. Please be sure to fully inquire as to the experience and qualifications of any practitioner, including IBCLC, manual therapist/bodyworker or physician/dentist before choosing your care providers. 


Amanda Gilman, RN, IBCLC

New Hampshire & Beyond


I am an experienced RN & IBCLC with a background in labor and delivery & pospartum support. I provide prenatal education and lactation + sleep consultations. I am committed to providing families with evidence based information and judgement free support on their parenting journey.


Sarah Gregory MA IBCLC

Greater Boston, North Shore of Massachusetts, and sea coast New Hampshire


My years of experience as a doula working with families in the postpartum period guides my lactation support. I look at the “whole picture” of the family and the baby to help parents reach their feeding goals.

Sara Ann Hiland-Alanis RN, IBCLC

Nourish Holistic Lactation Support, New Hampshire


Safe, supportive, expert care for breast and bottle feeding families in-home, in-office, or virtual. Speciality in oral motor concerns. Some insurance accepted.

Tricia Kezar, IBCLC

NH Seacoast


I am an RN, IBCLC with over 20 years of experience in maternal child health. I strive to empower parents with a compassionate, individualized approach to lactation and oral function.

Susan Martin

Massachusetts and Southern NH


I will work with families to help them solve any breastfeeding problems they have.

Kaitlyn McElroy RN IBCLC

Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire


Facilitates understanding of infant feeding and behaviour by identifying the source of issues or challenges. Resulting in, effectively overcoming and confidently reaching long-term breastfeeding goals in-home and virtually.

Sarah McNamara BS, LCCE, IBCLC

Southern NH, USA


Sarah is an experienced, compassionate IBCLC offering home and virtual consults in the NH area.

Maria Peddy, IBCLC

North Middlesex/Middlesex County, Southern New Hampshire

(508) 439-4142

I am a private practice lactation consultant providing in home breastfeeding, pumping and bottle feeding support. I addition to postpartum support, I provide prenatal education and consultations.


Meggan Wehmeyer, DDS, MS, IBCLC

New Hampshire/Vermont


Community Dental Care of Claremont is a non-profit. Dr. Wehmeyer is an IBCLC certified periodontist (gum surgeon) serving families of New England. She has a special interest in evaluation and treatment of infant oral dysfunction, tongue, and lip ties.

Kimberleigh Weiss-Lewit, MA, IBCLC

Vermont & New Hampshire


Loving and experienced IBCLC support in Hanover, NH. Home and virtual visits available.

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