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Below is a list of the IBCLCs in your state who have a specialized interest in oral function and tongue-tie and have completed the Master Class. Please be sure to fully inquire as to the experience and qualifications of any practitioner, including IBCLC, manual therapist/bodyworker or physician/dentist before choosing your care providers. 


Mary Allers-Korostynski RN BSN IBCLC RLC

US (virtual)


Virtual consultations! You don’t have to get dressed or take a baby out in public. Oral restrictions are a specialty.

Danielle Croce RN, IBCLC

St. Louis, MO

(314) 710-6314

Special interest: tongue tie, birth trauma, and NICU grads

Renee Davis, IBCLC

Central Missouri


I started my practice at WIC, spent several years practicing at a local pharmacy and now have a private practice. I have lots of experience with babies with tongue and lip tie as well as moms nursing older babies.

Lindsay Gustafson BSN, RN, IBCLC

Overland Park, KS and the greater Kansas City area


I would be honored to serve and support you. My passion lies in helping you cultivate the confidence you need to help you and your baby flourish through uplifting support, compassionate, comprehensive care, and clinical excellence. I service the greater Kansas City area.

Ashley Haden-Peaches, LMSW, IBCLC, CBE, CPST

Kansas City Metro


Offering competent and inclusive services to all lactating and pregnant folks. Specialize in Lactation Induction, working with queer families and black and brown families.

Sarah Hartenberger, IBCLC

Greater KC Metro + Worldwide


I specialize in oral dysfunction, tongue ties and bottle refusal. Additionally, I work with families to achieve maximum pumping comfort and output when pumping is part of the feeding plan. My goal is to help families reach their infant feeding goals.

Johanna Iwaszkowiec, IBCLC

St. Louis Metro area


Primary care practice located in O'Fallon, MO, with specializations in Breastfeeding Medicine and treatment of tethered oral tissues. Chiropractic care also available on-site.

Dee Kassing, BS, MLS, IBCLC, RLC

Serving southern Illinois and metropolitan St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Phone: 618-346-1919

More than 35 years of working with breastfeeding families, specializing in suck and latch problems; pumping issues.


Georgina Lile RD, LD, IBCLC

Kansas City, Missouri and surrounding areas


Skilled lactation care for the whole parent/baby dyad. Compassionately supporting your feeding goals with specialties in oral function, nursing parent nutrition and infant massage instruction. Offering in-home and virtual visits. In-network with many insurances.

Carolyn Mank, MSN, CNM, IBCLC 
Certified Nurse Midwife and Lactation Consultant in St. Louis Missouri
Accepts self pay
and insurance through SLUcare OB/GYN

Natasha Mizner RN, BSN, IBCLC

Kansas City Metro


Whether your goal is to nurse, combo feed or pump/bottle, I can offer judgement-free help. Everyone needs support postpartum and I would love to be a part of your care team.

Theresa Nickolaus, RD, IBCLC

St. Louis, MO


Holistic, integrative lactation and nutrition support in the St. Louis and surrounding areas. Virtual consultations available.


Jen York, IBCLC

St. Louis, MO

Serving Monroe County Illinois, St Louis and St Charles, Missouri communities.

Home and office visits available.

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