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Below is a list of the IBCLCs in your state who have a specialized interest in oral function and tongue-tie and have completed the Master Class. Please be sure to fully inquire as to the experience and qualifications of any practitioner, including IBCLC, manual therapist/bodyworker or physician/dentist before choosing your care providers. 


Bethany Ferguson, MS, RDN, IBCLC

Southeast Iowa and West Central Illinois


Breastfeeding and starting solids are my passion projects as a Registered Dietitian and Lactation Consultant. I want to help support parents to meet their goals on their breastfeeding journey and then start solids when the time comes. I can see people at home, in the office or virtually and I accept many insurances that makes lactation care free for many families.

Becky Franzen MA, IBCLC

NE Iowa, SW Wisconsin, NE Illinois


I provide compassionate, evidence-based lactation education for all dyads. I help you overcome challenges to meet your lactation goals and have an enjoyable breastfeeding experience. I specialize in working with families with tethered oral tissues, bottle-feeding and flange-fitting.

Brave Breastfeeding, LLC

Natalie Hessell, IBCLC

Iowa/Illinois Quad City Area

309 631 6035

Home, office, and virtual visits. Specializing in oral function, extensive experience with ties.

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