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Oral Habilitation of the Breastfeeding Dyad:
A Master Class for the IBCLC

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The Conference

The Conference

Three days of lecture and practicum to elevate your practice as an IBCLC

Are you finding that there are cases in your practice where nothing seams to be quite working?  


Do you have  lots of "tough babies" that don't seem to respond to traditional methods of suck training? 


Spend time learning with your colleagues at a weekend in a beautiful setting and high-level learning courses aimed specifically at IBCLCs.  There's nothing as effective as the in-person exchange of information. The days are filled with strategies for intake, assessment, clinical photography and videography for documentation and education, nutrition, infant reflexes, identifying and understanding when and where to refer babies with structural dysfunction, and more. 

After the course, you'll be added to our list of providers on our resource page, and given access to a closed Facebook group for sharing of resources and information long after the training has concluded. 

Contact Jennifer Tow at or with any questions about the course.


16.25 LCERPs

5.75 R CERPs

1.0 ECERPs


Light snacks and beverages will be served. Please make plans for your lunch! 

We reserve the right to refund registration in full and cancel the attendance of participants in cases of force majeure, or where concerns of intellectual property infringement are at issue.

About Intuitive Parenting Network 

What is IPN?

Founded in 1990 by Jennifer Tow, the mission of the IPN is to provide education, support and products that support parents in intentionally raising families in a healthy, conscious and integrative way. We believe this instills an innate wisdom in children, for whom awareness, knowledge and adept skill with these tools becomes their native language. It is our personal vision that lactation consultants in private practice may become a force for reversing the trend towards the medicalization of breastfeeding. Looking forward, we hope to have the option of providing a broader service to clients which more rightly reflect a support for primal nutrition for families both in the period before conception and the early years of life. 











Proud to bring inspirational speakers from across the country

Sandra Coulson, MS, ST, ED, COM (AKA "The Thumb Whisperer") is an innovator, a leader, an entrepreneur, an International speaker and a compassionate therapist.
Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, raised by a single mother, her career has been remarkable. She is included in the Hall of Fame at Palmer High School, where she graduated with honors and is recognized by the Alumni Association as one of fifty outstanding alumni.

After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado with degrees in Speech Therapy and Education, she also holds a Masters’ Degree in Health Sciences. She ventured to Washington State where she was an itinerant speech therapist, then therapy director for a Special Education Division of Tacoma Public Schools. When she returned to Colorado she worked for Home Health Services as a therapist serving a population of victims of stroke and Down syndrome, and, with her education degree, she became a substitute teacher during which time she developed her private practice in Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy.

She has been interviewed on 9 News, 2 News, 7 News and various media in the Denver metro area as well as on VIMEO and YOUTUBE and on Cross Link Radio. She continues to lecture and teach internationally.

Known as the “Thumb Whisperer”, she has a 99.7% ‘cure’ rate in ONE DAY with thumb and finger suckers and with patients who have trichotillomania (hair pulling). She has worked with thousands of patients locally and internationally and is now seeing ‘second generation’ patients and she has trained many therapists who are practicing in the US and abroad.

She is a past President of the International Association of Orofacial Myology, past Co-Chair of “CHAPS” a holistic practitioner association in Denver, and is a member of many other professional associations including the Down syndrome Association, the Post- Polio Association and the Association for Essential Tremor. She also serves on the Advisory Board of Heritage College where she is a frequent Commencement speaker. 

Bryna Sampey became IBCLC-certified in 2010 after a 4500+ hour internship with Sonja Massey, BSN, RN, IBCLC at BabyMoon in Monterey, CA, USA Prior to her certification as an IBCLC and Doula, she worked in Marine Chemistry in the Monterey Bay. Bryna owns a private practice in the Portland, Oregon metro area, offering home-visiting birth and lactation care, postpartum care, and education for parents and professionals. Bryna has specialized in her birth work focus on high-risk and surgical birth and the subsequent lactation issues that can arise from interventive birth. In her lactation work, she has additional areas of expertise in ankyloglossia assessment and recovery for the breastfeeding dyad, working with LGBTQIA+ families, and Rhythmic Movement Training for babies and parents with birth and surgical trauma as well as breastfeeding difficulties. Bryna has worked as an adjunct professor at Birthingway College of Midwifery, teaching students about complex parental situations in lactation, breast assessment and evaluation, hand expression and breast massage. She also teaches parents in prenatal breastfeeding education and newborn care at Oregon Health & Sciences University. When not teaching, working with clients, or learning more about breastfeeding and early parenting care, she can be found at home with her family in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Jennifer Tow, BFA, MA, IBCLC, LMT, CSOM has practiced holistic lactation and guided parents in raising their children holistically for over 25 years. A fascination with the physiology of wellness has led her on a 30-year journey exploring the influences on infant health that come to define long-term human well-being. Her interests are focused in the areas of epigenetics and the microbiome, gut-brain health, airway function and oral functional competency, exploring the profoundly far-reaching implications of this work for breastfeeding dyads.

While residing between the USA & France, Jennifer established an international client base and now sees most of her clients on-line, specializing in collaborating with her clients in resolving complex breastfeeding issues. With a Master's in Holistic Health Coaching, her reputation for guiding parents through these issues stems from her ability to integrate holistic modalities and an expanded skill-set, such as myofunctional therapy and craniosacral fascial therapy, into her practice. 

She is a writer and lecturer, offering workshops internationally and via webinar on breastfeeding & epigenetics, gut health & healing, tongue-tie & airway development and holistic breastfeeding practices. After a decade in development, she now offers a year-long advanced course in Integrative and Holistic Lactation. She is a founding member of IATP (the International Affiliation of Tongue-tie Professionals) and is the Breastfeeding Section Leader of the AAPMD (American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry) and founder of the Holistic Lactation Institute. Jennifer is the mother of three children born at home in 1988, 1992 and 1998 and a granddaughter born at home in 2009. Contact: or online at

Sharon Vallone, DC, FICCP (Fellow in Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics)’s clinical practice is in a multidiscipline environment and brings 25+ years of pediatric experience with a primary interest in pregnancy, birth trauma, breastfeeding and problems with infant /toddler neurodevelopment. She finds her role frequently to be a member of a support team for infants and children providing assessment, treatment and healthcare advocacy, as well as individualized treatment for children with functional challenges. She is the editor of the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics and teaches internationally in the International Chiropractor’s Association’s postgraduate program in pediatric chiropractic.

Past Events

Past Events

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